Foods & Nutrition Paper 2 , May/June2010  
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Question 5

(a) State six rules for table setting

(b)  Explain the following terms:
       (i)        food fad
       (ii)       food taboo           



The (a) part of this question was misunderstood for table manners and so they gave wrong answers for rules for table setting. The (b) part on food fad and food taboo were interchanged for each other by many candidates so it was their weakness as they could not comprehend the question and this gave them set back in their scores.

            5 (a)     RULES FOR TABLE SETTING

                        - All table wares must be cleaned, polished and dried before use
                        - Arrange the cutlery in order of use by placing the one that will be used first at the far-end.
                        - Table linen should be well laundered
                        - Forks are placed on the left hand side and knives and spoons on the right.
                        - The edges of cutlery should be an inch from the edge of the table.
                        - The bowls of spoons and prongs of fork should be turned up and the sharp edge of the knife                            turned towards the plate/inwards.
                        - Tumblers and wine glasses should be turned up and drinks should not be poured into them                                         before the arrival of guests.
                        - Serviettes/napkins may be folded neatly and put into serviette ring or on the side plate or inside                             the tumbler.
                        - Set a table in a clean environment.
                        - The cruet set is placed at the centre of the table within easy reach of the guests.
                        - Centre piece should not be too high for guests to see one another easily.
                        - Centre piece may be placed at the centre of the table or at the end.
                        - Use the correct cutlery for the type of dishes chosen.

                       (b) Food fad:

                      A fad is a food habit that people become interested in for a relatively short period of time or food                       fads are some practices about food, engaged in by people for relatively short period e.g. fried rice                       was very popular some time ago.

                      Food Taboo

                      Food taboos are foods that are forbidden to be eaten by a group of people or
                      tribe for one reason or the other due to religious, cultural or other reasons.

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