Foods & Nutrition Paper 2 , May/June2010  
Questions: 1 2 3 4 5 6 Main
General Comments



The major weakness of most candidates was lack of comprehension. Most candidates could not comprehend the questions; they misinterpreted some questions, so given wrong expressions. This led them to the wrong approach to the questions so get the answers wrong.

Most candidates were also weak in answering questions 3 and 5a which were on steps to follow in making a cake using whisking method and rules for table setting. These two questions were basically practical questions, so their teachers should involve their students in more practical work to help them master the procedure in order for them to answer questions on such.

The teachers should also teach their students ways of approaching different questions with correct interpretation. The students should master their English Language very well, practice more on their practical works and read their text books very well with understanding.

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