Foods & Nutrition Paper 2 , May/June2011  
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Question 3

(a) Differentiate between any three of the following pairs of cookery terms:

  • perishable and non-perishable foods;
  • bulk purchasing and hire purchasing;
  • invalids and convalescents;
  • cereals and pulses.

(b)Give two examples of offals.


This question is another candidates’ strength as it was well answered by the candidates. The candidates performed well in the question.  The expected answers to the questions are:

(3) (a.i)PERISHABLE FOODS: are foods that can spoil immediately if they are not properly preserved because of their high water/moisture content while
            NON-PERISHABLE FOODS are foods that can be kept for a reasonably long period without getting spoilt due to their low water/moisture content.

(ii)        BULK PURCHASING: is a process of buying food in large quantities at a time and keeping them for future use while HIRE PURCHASING is a process of buying goods on credit and paying the money in installments, the goods do not become the owner’s property until the whole money is paid.

(iii)       INVALIDS: are sick people often confined in bed while CONVALESCENTS are people who are recovering from illness.

(iv) CEREALS: are seeds from the edible grass family while PULSES are the dried edible seeds of leguminous plants.


  1. kidney                                                 (v)   heart
  2. liver                                                     (vi) tongue
  3. sweetbread                                       (vii)      brain
  4. tripe                                                    (viii)     lungs 
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