Foods & Nutrition Paper 2 , May/June2011  
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Question 4

State and explain five factors that can reduce fatigue in the kitchen.


This question was scarcely attempted by the candidates. Most of the candidates did not understand factors that can reduce fatigue in the kitchen so got it wrong by the few that attempted the question. The candidates were expected to answer the question thus:

(i)         Planning and arranging of fixed equipment: the planning and arranging of fixed equipment should be conveniently done to eliminate unnecessary movement.
(ii)        Provision of correct and efficient tools: correct and efficient tools should be provided for working conveniently in the kitchen.
(iii)       Posture: correct posture while working is of great importance both in allowing work to be performed quickly and efficiently/alternate sitting with standing to prevents fatigue.

(iv)       Provision of good light: this is essential at all working areas to prevent straining of the eyes. The colour scheme of the kitchen should be such that light is reflected instead of being absorbed.

  1. Careful planning of work: The activities in the kitchen should be planed in the correct sequence dovetailed to prevent unnecessary movement.
  2. Clothing and footwear: Shoes worn should be low and comfortable. Heavy and too warm clothing should be avoided as they cause uneasiness and unnecessary sweating.
  3. Ventilation: There should be cross ventilation to avoid suffocation and uneasiness.
  4. Type of fuel used – if firewood/charcoal is used there is tendering and fanning and this can lead to fatigue
  5. The use of fluorescent bulb to give more light and reduce heat.
  6. Labelling: Labelling of the bottled ingredients will make for easy identification thereby reducing fatigue.
  7. Use of Convenience Food: Use of convenience foods for emergencies reduces fatigue.
  8. Use of labour-saving devices: Use of labour-saving devices reduced fatigue.
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