Foods & Nutrition Paper 2 , May/June2011  
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Question 5
  1. List five dishes suitable for each of the following occasions:

            (i)         Teenage birthday party;
            (ii)        Cocktail party
(b)       State the ingredients and method of preparing any one of the named dishes
            in (a) above.



This question was also well attempted by almost all the candidates.  They had enough suitable dishes for the parties listed for them.  The answers to the question are:

            (i)         TEENAGE BIRTHDAY PARTY

Fried rice, fried chicken, jollof rice, fried meat, grilled meat, cakes, salads, coleslaw, cookies/biscuits, stuffed eggs, meat/fish/chicken/fruit kebabs, meat/fish pasties, meat/fish/chicken rolls, yam balls, fish balls, sauces, gravies, ice cream, fruit salad, chinchin and chips cheese straws, fried snails, fried fish, fruit drinks, punch, tarts, tartlets, beam cake/pudding, birthday cake, cold and hot  desserts.

            (ii)        COCKTAIL PARTY
Open/closed/rolled sandwiches, meat kebabs, queen cakes, meat, butterfly cakes, envelope, scotch eggs, cookies/biscuits, sausage rolls, chinchin/chips of all types, fried meat/fish/snails, assorted drinks, petit froid.

(b)       List of ingredients for any of the dishes in (a) Names of dish.
List of ingredients with quantities.
Method of Preparation.

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