Foods & Nutrition Paper 2 , May/June2011  
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Question 6
  1. (a)       List four sources of information on traditional dishes.

    (b)       State two reasons for collecting information on local dishes for recipe development.

    (c)        Create a dish using cereals in your locality.



Only the parts ‘a’ and ‘c’ of the question were well attempted by the few candidates that answered this question.  They did not perform well at all in the ‘c’ part of the question as they could not create dish using cereals in their locality.

The expected answers to the question are:
            (a)       SOURCES OF INFORMATION

House wives, market women, caterers/food vendors, food demonstrators, travelers, newspaper/journey columnist, Media food presenters, Home Economists, teachers, the aged in society, internet, observation, dietitians.
-           to identify various local dishes taken by people in different parts of the country.
-           to find out the various methods of preparation and improve on them.
-           to identify the recipe required for each type of dish.
-           to identify sources of the ingredients and enhance their nutritional value  if need be.
-           to find special local dishes suitable for different occasions.
-           to determine special local dishes for people in different walks of life and physiological conditions.
-           to improve on taste, texture and appearance of local dishes.

            (c)        CEREAL DISH
                        Name of dish
List of ingredients and quantity

Method of Preparation
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