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Geography Paper 2, May/June 2009  
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Question 6

(a) Draw a sketch map of Nigeria

On the map, mark and name:

one cattle rearing zone;

one town in the zone;

using arrows, show the movement of cattle from the producing areas to two consuming markets.

(b) Highlight three factors that favour cattle rearing in the area shown in 6(a)(i) above.

(c) Outline three problems of cattle rearing in the area shown in 6 (a)(i) above.


This question was fairly popular among the candidates.  Some of the candidates
who answered the question drew poor maps and could not locate the required
features correctly.  The expected answers for the factors favouring cattle rearing
in the area included:

  • favourable climate for animal rearing e.g. low relative humidity;
  • rolling/undulating plain;
  • home of the Fulani – traditional cattle rearers;
  • absence of tsetse fly;
  • adequate pasture/savanna grassland;
  • high demand for cattle and its products ;
  • presence of surface water/streams/ponds, etc;
  • presence of resistant breeds;
  • cattle as a symbol of wealth;
  • availability of veterinary services.

The problems of cattle rearing in the area were:

  • unreliable and scanty rainfall;
  • presence of tsetse fly in some areas;
  • inadequate drugs and vaccines;
  • overgrazing of pasture;
  • insufficient surface water in the dry season;
  • inadequate veterinary services;
  • conflict with farmers;
  • cattle rustling/stealing;
  • diseases e.g. rinder pest, foot and mouth diseases;
  • poor knowledge of modern ranching;
  • poor transport system.
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