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Geography Paper 2, May/June 2009  
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Question 9

(a)Draw a sketch map of Africa.

On the map, mark and name:

(i) the Rivers Niger and Nile;

(ii) two areas of irrigation agriculture along each river.

(b) Outline three contributions of irrigation agriculture to any of the areas shown in 9 (a) (ii) above.

(c)  Highlight three problems facing irrigation agriculture in the area chosen in 9 (b) above.


This question was unpopular among the candidates.  Performance was poor for
those who answered the question, particularly in part (a) that required map
drawing.  The expected answer to the contribution of irrigation agriculture to the
area are:

  • provision of food;
  • establishment of farm projects;
  • revenue to government;
  • enables continuous cropping throughout the year;
  • income to farmers;
  • growth of settlements;
  • employment opportunities;
  • foreign exchange earnings;
  • raw materials for industries;
  • encourages research;
  • tourist attraction.

The problems facing irrigation agriculture include:

  • excessive evaporation causes salinity;
  • fluctuation of water volume;
  • high cost of dam construction;
  • existence of water born diseases;
  • growth of aquatic weeds;
  • collapse or failure of dams;
  • displacement of people;
  • pest affecting crops;
  • silting of dams;
  • irrigation equipments are expensive to maintain.
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