Health Science Paper 1, Nov/Dec. 2012  
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General Comments

Question 4

    • The diagram below is an illustration of the external structure of a type of worm which infests humans.  Study it and use it to answer questions 4(a),(b) and (c).



    1.  (i)  Identify the worm illustrated in the above diagram                [ 1 mark ]

     (ii)   Name the parts labelled I,II, III and IV                                 [ 2 marks]
     (iii)   State one function each of the parts labelled I and II          [ 2 marks]

    1.  (i)   Name two intermediate hosts for the worm                          [ 2 marks]

    (ii)    State two effects of the worm on humans                            [ 2 marks]

      •  State one way of preventing the worm infestation on humans   [ 1 mark ]


             This question was not popular among the candidates.  In part (a)(i) candidates     missed the track in identifying the worm illustrated, in (a) (ii) candidates could not correctly name the parts labelled I,II,III and IV, they went off the track and named                 wrong answers such as face/antinee, eye/ring/nucleus, protestor/antinee, skin/head/membrane and in (a)(iii) candidates could not correctly each state function of the parts labelled I and II of the illustrated worm.  In part (b)(i) candidates correctly name intermediate host for the worm and in (a)(ii) candidates correctly state effects of the worm on humans.  In part (c) candidates also correctly state way of preventing the worm infestation on humans.
  The expected answered were as follows:
   4 (a) (i)  Identifying the organism

  •  Tapeworm/Taenia solium

       (ii)  Naming the labelled parts
            I           -           hook
            II          -           sucker
            III         -           neck
            IV        -           proglottides/proglottis
 (iii)  Function of Iabelled parts I and II
        Function I
-           Piercing/attachment/clinging the tissues of the host
        Function of II
       -    for attachment/clinging to the host
(b)(i)    intermediate hosts for the organism
            -           goat
            -           sheep
-           cow/beef/cattle
-           pig/pork
-           fish
(ii)        Effects of the worm on humans
            -           leads to emaciation of the host
           -         It causes loss of appetite
           -         It causes nervous disorder
           -         It causes anaemia

           -         It causes abdominal pains/stomach pains/colic pains
           -         It causes vomiting/nausea
   c.    Ways of preventing the worm infestation on humans
          -    eat well cooked meat
          -     proper sewage disposal/sanitation
          -     deworming livestock/patient/named
          -     examination of meat by health inspectors




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