Health Science Paper 2, May/June 2010

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General Comments


The candidates' weaknesses include their inability to:
state factors that may be considered to ensure proper ventilation when building a home;
understand the questions
write correct spellings
express themselves in simple English
start fresh number on a new page
define ventilation
explains shock, fainting, khyphosis, scoliosis, dislocation and sprain
define endocrine gland
state functions of adrenalin and the effects
state function of pulmonary artery, pulmonary vein, bicuspid valve & semi-lunar valve over-secretion and under - secretion of thyroxin
state the methods of controlling the vectors of onchocerciasis, schistosomiasis and guineaworm
Identify the region in which thoracic can be found in human body.
Outline steps the steps taken in the first aid treatment of shock victims.
The following remedies were suggested to overcome the weaknesses
Employment of qualified and competent teachers rather than anybody
English Language as a subject should be more focused
Emphasis should be detailed study of points on each topic
Schools should purchase chief examiners' report and give to candidates to read
Students should be tutored before examination so that they will be apt in answering questions
Teacher should teach handwriting in schools as a skill
Health Science textbooks should be supplied by government to schools
Past questions should be used to teach students during teaching



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