Health Science Paper 3, Nov/Dec. 4  
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General Comments

Candidates' Strength
  1. Candidates showed improvement in their ability to:

    • state cogent points;
    • answer the number of questions required of the candidates;
    • name equipment illustrated in diagrams such as refuse vans and dust bins;
    • state advantages and disadvantages of refuse van;
    • list materials associated with fractures that can be found in the First Aid Box;
    • state ways of ensuring food hygiene;
    • state ways by which cholera is spread;
    • state symptoms of cholera;
    • define immunization;
    • list diseases that humans are immunized against;
    • state contributions of Dr. Adewale Omolulu to health;
    • list types of consumers health products;
    • list postural defects;
    • state corrective measures for postural defects;
    • name types of taste detected by the tongue.
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