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History Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2009  
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General Comments
Question 3

(a) Describe the process of making cloth in pre-colonial Nigeria.

(b)Outline two importance of cloth weaving in Nigeria


This was another unpopular question and a few number of candidates who attempted it could not describe satisfactorily the process of cloth making which include:

  • collection of cotton lint from the cotton tree;
  • the cotton lint was ginned, starting with seed removal;
  • the ginned cotton was spurned into thread or yarn;
  • the thread is woven into cloth;
  • the woven cloth was dyed and then spread in the sun;
  •  after dyeing, the cloth was folded and it was ready for use.

The (b) part was also treated badly by the candidates.  They were supposed to outline the following points in order to score high marks:

  • it was used as a wearing apparel;
  • it was used as an article of trade;
  • it was used as domestic material e.g. bed sheet;
  • it was used as part of dowry, etc. 
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