Leather Goods Manufacturing And Repairs Paper 2 May/June 2015

Question 1

(a)        Explain five techniques used in decorating leather goods.



This question was quite popular among candidates, most of whom performed poorly. The question required the candidates to explain five techniques used in decorating leather but they were rather explaining procedure. The question recorded the highest number of failures as most candidates could not even identify the techniques used in decorating leather.
The candidates were expected to provide the following answers to score higher marks.

(a)        Spraying:        

-           This is the art of applying colour and vanishes on leather products by the use of machines e.g spraying gun, air brush etc.
-           The surface is first prepared.
-           The application is done by spraying
-           Examples of colours for spraying are dye, enamel etc.

(b)        Dyeing:          

-           Dyeing is a process of applying colourant on leather surface to obtain a desired colour.  It can be done by immersion or through the use of brush.

-           The surface is first prepared by the removal of grease, oil, dirt etc.

(c )       Embroidery:   

-           It involves the use of needle and coloured embroidery threads.
-           The designs are first drawn on paper as a guide.
-           Designs are traced on the leather surface before the stitching.
-           The designs can be transferred direct with the needle and thread.



(d)       Applique`:      

-           It is a technique by which leathers are decorated by fixing pieces of leather or other materials on the leather surface.
-           It is done by stitching or by the use of adhesives
-           The pieces are made of various shapes, sizes and colours.

(e)        Stamping:       

-           The art of transferring an image onto a surface with a stamp.
-           The leather surface is first moistened.
-           Stamps of various designs are used for creating the impressions.
-           Stamping is done on the grain side of the leather.

(f)        Beadwork:      This is the art of attaching beads on a leather surface for decoration.

-           It is done by glueing
-           It can also be done by stitching
(g)        Stitching:        

-           It is the art of decorating leather or fabric by sewing or knitting.
-           It is done by using thread and needle.
-           Stitching is done on the leather or its edges.

(h)        Other Leather Decorating Techniques are: Marbling, Carving, Embossing,
Patchwork, Moulding, Plaiting, Weaving, Quilting, Tooling, Scorching,  Painting, Stenciling, braiding, Incising etc.