Leather Goods Manufacturing And Repairs Paper 2 May/June 2015

Question 2

(a)        List six household articles made from leather.
(b)        Explain three importance of leather craft.



This question was attempted by most candidates. The question required candidates to list six household articles made from leather and explain three importance of leather craft. Most candidates ended up listing any form of leather articles due to their inability to interpret what a household article is, however, they performed better in the (b) part of the question.

The candidates were expected to provide the following answers to obtain the maximum mark.


(i)      Upholstery products;
(ii)     Picture frame;
(iii)     Wall hanging;
(iv)     Foot rest;
(v)     Pouf;
(vi)     Hand fan;
(vii)    Trinket boxes;
(viii)    Praying mats
(ix)     Lamp shade
(x)     Shoe rack
(xi)     Carpet
(xii)     Pillow
(xiii)     Jewelry box


(i)         As Foreign Exchange Earner:  
-           Semi-finished and finished leather and leather products are exported to earn foreign exchange.

  • For Aesthetic Purpose:  

-           decorative objects are made with leather
-           home, office and public places are decorated with leather objects e.g. leather carpets, table covers etc.
-           leather articles are decorated with other leather objects.

  • Employment creation:  
  • It provides job opportunities for leather craftmen
  • It gives people income
  • Leather craft shops are opened


  • Clothing:  
  • Leather products are used as clothing to protect the body e.g. jackets, shoes, amour etc.
  • They are used to decorate the body e.g bracelet, wristband, hats etc.
  • Container:
  • Leather products are used as bags to store items
  • They are used to produce articles for storing items e.g. ornament, books, clothes etc.
  • National/ Cultural identity
  • Skill acquisition.