Leather Goods Manufacturing And Repairs Paper 2 May/June 2015

Question 4

With the aid of suitable diagram, describe the following parts of a lady’s bag:
(i)        flap;
(ii)       gusset;
(iii)       front;
(iv)       strap.



This question was very popular among candidates, most of whom scored average marks.   Most candidates drew good diagrams but were unable to label the part appropriately             and a good percentage of them failed to describe the parts of the bag as required in the        question. Candidates were expected to answer thus to score higher marks:



(i)         Flap        -        This is an outstretched piece of leather, extending from the back
to the front of a bag, covering the opening of the bag.

(ii)        Gusset    -        This is a narrow strip of leather on the sides of a bag joining the
front to the back.
-        it determines the volume/size of the bag; it may have folds.

(iii)       Front      -        This is the frontal part of a bag; it accommodates the flap which
usually  holds the fasteners; decorations are usually on the front.

(iv)       Strap      -        a long strip of leather attached to the gussets; it serves as a handle.