Leather Goods Manufacturing And Repairs Paper 2 May/June 2015

Question 5

(a)        What is finishing?
(b)        Explain four importance of finishing leather meant for shoe upper


This question was quite popular among the candidates, most of whom define finishing as a procedure in shoe production only instead of as a procedure and technique in shoe production. Overall performance in this question was fairly good. Candidates were expected to provide the following answer to score maximum mark in this question.

(a)        Finishing- Finishing is the application of finishes onto the leather surface in order to protect it and improve its appearance.

It is the final operation carried out on leather articles in their production e.g.
trimming, dyeing, waxing, polishing etc.


(i)         to cover defects on the leather surface; since most animal skins when
tanned always have defects due to flaying or diseases, finishing is meant to improve on the appearance of upper leathers.

(ii)        For aesthetic appeal; the beauty of the article depends on the quality of the leather used to produce it.

(iii)       For variety of choices:  different styles and colours are provided for customers to have variety of choices to their fashion needs and tastes.

(iv)       Addition of value: -  every appropriate process of operation on hides and skins to produce leathers increases their qualities, therefore the value is increased and more money earned.

  1. For durability: the leather is lacquered to protect it from moisture likely to damage it from moisture.