Literature-In-English Paper 2, May/June 2010  
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General Comments


Candidates' Weaknesses
Many candidates portrayed lack of in-depth knowledge of the texts, thus they provided scanty answers to questions. Some candidates' answers were out of context and too general and without close references to the texts.
Suggested Remedies
(1) Schools, Government and parents should endeavour to buy the prescribed texts for the students to study.                                                                               .
(2) Qualified graduate teachers of English/Literature should be employed to teach Literature-in-English in schools.
(3) Extra curricular activities that could promote reading culture among the students should be encouraged.
(4 ) Government and other stakeholders in education should organize workshops and seminars for the training of Literature-in-English teachers.
(5) Teachers should endeavour to attend W ABC Marking Coordination as a form of training programme for teachers of Literature-in-English as this will assist them in teaching the subject better in class.

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