Literature-In-English Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2012  
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General Comments

Question 8

Comment on the humour in the first encounter between Bluntschil and Raina.


Instances of humour are bound in this scene which includes the following points:

  1. Bluntschilís act of escaping from the war front into Rainaís room for safety
  2. His reaction to the announcement that soldiers have come into the house in search for him.
  3. The fact that Bluntschil falls asleep in the home of his enemies.
  4. His confession that his pistol is loaded with chocolate instead of cartridges.
  5. Bluntschilís discussion of Sergius foolhardiness in the battle front, not knowing that Sergius is Rainaís fiancť, and Rainaís reaction to Bluntschilís story about Sergius.

Candidatesí performance was fair.

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