General Mathematics Paper 2,Nov/Dec. 2012  
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General Comments

Candidates' Weakness

The Chief Examiner reported that majority of the candidates did not adhere to the rubrics of the paper, especially with regards to approximations and use of tables and calculators.  Majority of the candidates were reported to have used calculators in areas where they were restricted from doing so.  Majority of them were also reported not to convert from one unit to another correctly.  Other areas where candidates’ weaknesses were also observed were:

  1. word problems;
  2. geometrical construction;
  3. bearing – representing the given information on a correct diagram;
  4. mensuration of plane shapes.

Candidates were also encouraged to show all working and write decipherably while attempting the questions.

(1)        Candidates were encouraged to learn effectively basic principles and concepts in Mathematics  and how to apply them to solving simple everyday problems.
(2)        Candidates were encouraged to cover the syllabus adequately while preparing for the examinations.
(3)        Candidates were discouraged from dividing the pages of their answer sheet but should rather begin each question on a fresh page.
(4)        Candidates were also encouraged to use curly brackets when listing elements of sets.
(5)        Candidates were encouraged to read through each question carefully in order to understand its rubrics.
(6)        Candidates should avail themselves past WASSCE question papers while preparing for the examinations.

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