Music Paper 1B, May/June. 2013  
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(a) Swell, coupler, pitchbend, scroll, pedalboard, slide, stop bell, sustaining pedal great pipes, bridge. From the list above, identify any four items that are associated with pipe organ.

(b) Write short note on any two of the items identified in 4(a) above.



Candidates’ responses to this question were not good enough and this robbed them substantial marks. The following points should have been highlighted in their responses:

(a) Swell, Couplers, Pedalboard, Great, Pipes, Stop

(b) (i) Swell: - A keyboard division on the organ whose pipes are placed within a large enclosed wooden box with Venetian louvers at its front.

(ii) Coupler: - A stop-like mechanical device in Organ for connecting one manual to another at unison pitch.

(iii) Pedalboard: - An additional keyboard with a range of C- f1 played with the feet,heel and toe.

(iv) Stop: - A row of knobs on the Organ controlling the sound when drawn by the player.

(v) Great: - The Principal Manual found on a multimanual Organ. It is usually the loudest (mother) keyboard.

(vi) Pipes: - Components of the Organ made of metal or wood, through which sounds are produced.

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