Painting And Decorating Paper 2 May/June 2015

Question 2

(a)        Outline five tools required for painting ceiling corners.                    
(b)        Highlight five steps involved in painting ceiling corners.


This question is practically inclined. Due to the lack of proper exposure of the candidates to the subject practically, the performance of the candidates was very low especially in the (b) part. The candidates were expected to provide the following answers to the question:


-           Paint brush
-           Stopping knife
-           Scraping knife
-           Filling knife
-           Paint bucket/kettle
-           Paint stirrer
-           Strainer
-           Rag


-           get all materials, tools and equipment ready.
-           use a step ladder to get access to the ceiling corners.
-           mask-up wall surfaces that need to be free of any touch of paint.
-           press firmly the tape to the wall surface in order to prevent the paint from seeping under it.
-           while charging the brush fillings in paint, ensure it is not dip too much into the paint bucket.
-           remove excess paint from the brush by pressing it against the rim of the paint bucket.
-           ensure paint applied to the ceiling surface is not set before painting the ceiling corners .
-           from the corner of the wall, apply a coat of paint to the ceiling carefully.
-           allow paint to dry thoroughly.
-           apply filler to the surface if necessary.
-           allow paint to dry/rub slightly.
-           apply second coat of paint.
-           if bleeding occurs in the process, treat the surface and retouch.