Painting And Decorating Paper 2 May/June 2015

Question 3

(a)        State the uses of the following painting and decorating tools:

  1. filling knife;
  2. palette knife;
  3. paint stirrer;
  4. hacking knife;
  5. scrapping knife;
  6. nail punch.


(b)        Sketch any three of the listed tools in 3(a) above.


The question is based on the ability to identify and know how the knives and other tools are being used in painting and decorating work. Some candidates performed excellently well in the (a) part of the question but performed poorly in the (b) part. The candidates were expected to write the following points as answers to the question:

  •       (i)        Filling knife:
  • It is used to apply fillers to open-grain in timber.
  • It is used to apply fillers to small holes or shallow indentations in uneven surfaces.


  • Palette knife:
  •  It is used for mixing paint on palette board. +
  •  It is used for mixing small quantity of paint in a dipper/tin.


  • Paint stirrer:
  • It is used for mixing paint in a paint container/bucket.


  • Hacking knife:
  • It is used to remove old hard putties from broken glasses on metal frames before re-glazing.
  • Scrapping knife:
  • Use to remove old wallpaper.
  • Use to remove old paint film.
  • Use to remove loosely attached deposits.


  • Nail punch:
  • Used in conjunction with a hammer to drive in nail heads below the surface.