Painting And Decorating Paper 2 May/June 2015

Question 4

(a)        List six brushes used in painting and decorating work.

  1. Sketch any three of the brushes listed in 4(a) above.


This was a straight forward question based on the uses of brushes in painting and decorating work. However, some candidates answered the question out of point.  Nevertheless, candidates were expected to explain the following points in their answers:
(a)        (i)       Flat paint brush
          (ii)       Sash brush
          (iii)       Stippling brush
          (iv)       Mop brush
          (v)       Pencil brush/sign writing brush
          (vi)     Dusting brush (jamb brush)
         (vii)      Lining fitch
         (viii)     Radiator brush
         (ix)      Crevice brush
         (x)     Cement/Block brush
         (xi)     Washing-down brush
         (xii)     Two- knot brush
         (xiii)     Flat wall brush
         (xiv)    Stencil brush
         (xv)     Wire brush
         (xvi)     Air brush