Photography Paper 2 May/June 2015

Question 5

  1. (a)        What is photo exhibition?
    (b)        Mention three materials and tools required for photo finishing for exhibition.
    (c)        Explain the procedure of organising photo exhibition in a secondary school.


This question attracted a good number of the candidates. However, enthusiasm was not matched with satisfactory performance. Most of the candidates failed to give the required responses and thus, lost most of the available marks. The candidates should have responded to the question in the following manner:

(a)        -           Photo exhibition is the display of finished photograph for sighting by
members of the public.
-           It is a form of entertainment to the public
-           It is organized for a certain period
-           The works on display are usually enlarged, it could be framed or
mounted depending on the exhibition budget.          
-           It allows the photographer to project his works to the public
-           Photo exhibitions are also done to commemorate historical events or
-           An exhibition could be by individuals or groups
-           It is an outlet to purchase some of the works on display.

(b)        -           Frames (Wooden/Aluminum)
-           Glass (optional)
-           Nails
-           Cardboard
-           Straw board
-           Masking tape
-           Adhesives (Gum/Glue)
-           Scissors/Artist’s knife
-           Hammer
-           Pinchers
-           Marker                                                

(c)        (i)         Pre-exhibition preparation
-           Setting objectives for the proposed exhibition
-           Collection/Selection of photographs
-           Securing permission for venue

-           Sending out invitation letters
-           Framing
-           Sending reminders a week to the opening

(ii)        -           Mounting of photographs
-           Staging the exhibition

(iii)       -           Writing of report on the exhibition
-           Class evaluation.