Photography Paper 2 May/June 2015

Question 6

  1.  (a)       State three differences between analogue and digital camera.
    (b)        Mention six accessories of a digital camera.
    (c)        List three equipment/accessories for digital printing.


Majority of the candidates attempted this question and they performed averagely. The following are some of the points expected from candidates:
(a)        -           Most digital camera have the facility to capture both still and
motion/video images while Analogue cameras can only capture still images.
-           A digital camera can be connected to many devices using USB cord or
Bluetooth while analogue camera cannot.
-           The analogue camera uses film (chemically coated) to record image while the digital camera uses sensor (electronically)
-           Image preview is possible immediately with Digital camera while in
analogue the film which is for later processing will not make immediate viewing possible.
-           Images from digital camera can be edited directly using appropriate
                                    software while films in analogue can only be processed into negatives
that can be retouched manually.
-           Images in digital cameras are stored in memory cards while images in analogue camera remain in the film canister/ cartridge until processed into negative.  

(b)        -           Lens
-           Memory card
-           Batteries
-           Lens hood
-           Carrying bag/Cases
-           USB cable
-           External flash
-           Portable Hard Disc Drive
-           Lens cover
-           Memory Card Reader
-           Leather strap.
-           Tripod
-           Wireless adapters       
-           Lens cloth/ Cleaner/ Lens cleaner kit 
-           LCD screen protector

            (c)        -           Photo printer
-           Printing paper
-           Printing ink
-           Laptop/desktop computer
-           Data cable
-           USB cable       (No mark for USB only)
-           Ink/ Colour cartridge  (No mark for “Cartridge” only)