Photography Paper 2 May/June 2015

Candidates' Weaknesses

The following were some of the noticeable weaknesses in the candidates’ scripts:

  1. Poor knowledge of Photography

Candidates’ knowledge in photography as a subject is still very poor. This manifested greatly in their poor responses to the questions.

Illogical presentation of points

Candidates found it difficult to arrange their points logically. In most cases, the points were muddled up ambiguously and this made marking difficult for Examiners.

The following are some of the actions necessary in tackling the identified weaknesses:
(1)        Enhanced Understanding of photography
Candidates should read more books and materials on photography.
(2)        Better understanding of English Language
Candidates should make efforts on improving their understanding and use of the English Language. This will enable them to comprehend the requirements of questions, as it will also facilitate logical expression and coherent presentation of points. They can approach this by devoting quality time to reading books, novels, journals, etc.