Physics Paper 1, May/June 2010  
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General Comments




        Candidates did not show acceptable level of knowledge in:
setting-up of the experiment;
collect the required data;
evaluation of the collected data to the required number of significant figures/decimal places;
determination of the period of oscillation;
Plotting graphs that involves small values;
time management;
using protractor;
drawing of large-right-angled triangle/line of best fit;
adhering to instructions (not attaching their traces as required to do so);
also not starting graph from origin;
computational skill;
sighting correctly image pins using no-parallax method;
choosing appropriate scales for graph.

The suggested remedies were as follows:
Re-accreditations of schools by W AEC (based on laboratories/equipment) Teachers should endeavour to supply/fill correctly the report form as the required value for appraising the candidates on accuracy is based on the teachers report/values.
Teachers should not wait for instructions to schools from W AEC to be distributed before their practical classes for the student should commence.
School authorities should encourage teachers to create more time for extension classes. Adequate coverage of syllabus should be paramount to teachers and candidates.
Genuine efforts must be made by teachers to relate theoretical knowledge to practical
Schools should make Chief Examiners' Reports available for teachers to study Candidates should step-up their reading habits W AEC in collaboration with states ministries of education should organize workshops
for teachers More qualified teachers should be recruited.
Schools should improve their laboratories facilities.
Teachers should attend coordination meetings as it will serve as a seminar.
Students should be exposed early enough to practical work.

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