Physics Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2010  
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General Comments


The inadequacies in the performance of candidates were attributed to the following:
- Inability to distinguish properly between solid friction and viscosity;
- Inability to draw good labelled diagram to illustrate deflection of cathode rays by a magnet;
- Poor computational skill;
- Poor language/self expression;
- Inadequate knowledge of short-circuit
- Inability to correctly handle questions designed around basic concepts;
- Rote-learning;
- Poor study habits;
- Failure to answer questions (definition) precisely and concisely.

The suggested remedies were as follows:

- Physics Teachers should endeavour to attend marking coordination meetings so as to
- familiarize themselves with up-to-date changes in Physics;
- Schools should make Chief Examiners' Reports available to teachers;
- Students and teachers need to be adequately motivated for better performance;
- Schools system should provide better learning environment in terms of necessary materials; demonstration kits; adequate laboratory and library facilities, well qualified physics teachers workshops and seminars for teachers to upgrade their knowledge, excursions focused competitions.



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