Physics Paper 3, Nov/Dec 2010  
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General Comments




Some of the candidates were unable to:
- convert the raw values using the given scale factors to real values;
- manage the time allotted for the paper efficiently by recopying the questions;
- record measured/converted values to the required decimal places/significant figures e.g. E-1, V, L3, etc.
- plot points correctly on the graph to the required least squares especially those involving large figures or decimal places;
- adhere to the prescribed format by plotting with raw values instead of converted values;
- use large right-angled triangle in the evaluation of their slope
- draw line of best fit correctly
- express themselves clearly in simple language;
- evaluate reciprocals and cubes to the required decimal places;
- state relevant precautions correctly.

The suggested remedies were as follows:

- Basic concepts in Physics should be thoroughly taught by Physics teachers;
- More drilling exercises should be given to candidates on computational skills and graph;
- Mathematics teachers should assist candidates to master the plotting of graphs;
- Parents to provide necessary and adequate support (textbooks, reading tables and other necessary materials);
- Schools should endeavour to equip their laboratories
- Teachers to organize adequate practical classes for candidates;
- Teachers to attend WAEC coordination and marking meetings to acquire more experiences.


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