Physics Paper 3, Nov/Dec 2011  
Questions: 1 2 3 Main
General Comments




            Candidates performance was affected by the following weaknesses:

  •  inability to read measurements (metre rule, micrometer screw gauge) from instruments/graduated scales to the required accuracy.
  • inconsistency in expressing significant figures/decimal places
  • wrong conversion of raw  values
  • missing units
  • poor knowledge of choice of reasonable scales
  • over  approximation of evaluated values to 1 s.f instead of 3 s.f required.
  • non distinguishing between axes.
  • inability to state correct precautions
  • poor determination of slopes
  • poor  attempts on short structured question


       The following remedies were however suggested to overcome these weaknesses:

  •  qualified and dedicated physics graduates should be employed to teach physics in schools.
  • teachers should be motivated to put in extra exercises on practical works
  • candidates should be taught examination skills.
  • schools should purchase chief examiners reports and make them available for use by teachers
  • schools should sponsor their teachers to attend coordination meetings to learn the rudiments for answering practical questions.
  • candidates should be expose early to physics practicals
  • more drilling exercises on conversion of raw values, and basic concepts in physics should be organized by teachers.

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