Physics Paper 3, Nov/Dec 2012  
Questions: 1 2 3 Main
General Comments





            (1)        Weaknesses observed are as follows:
-           inability to take correct measurements with their scale rule
-           raw values measured were wrongly converted using the given scale factor.
-           scales were wrongly chosen
-           axes were wrongly distinguish
-           matching of points
-           many used values from tables to determine the scope of the graphs instead of reading        it from the graph coordinates. This resulted to decimal places that are not easily measurable.
-           poor determination of line of best fit.
-           inability to differentiate between time (t) and period (T)
-           poor mathematical background.
-           wrong deductions from graphs.
-           poor handling of short response questions.

            2.         The following remedies were suggested:
-           Schools should sponsor their teachers to attend the coordination meetings to learn the rudiments for answering practical questions and thus use the experience in teaching the candidates.
-           Schools should purchase the Chief Examiners Report and make the teachers to use them as guide to teach the candidates.
-           Teachers should put in more effort in their training of candidates to master the art of reporting experiments in physics.
-           Teachers should ensure that candidates are exposed to practical lessons early enough.
-           Parents should provide necessary and adequate text books.
-           Government to engage qualified physics teachers.
-           Government to provide schools with well equipped and functional laboratories.

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