Physics Paper 3, May/June 2014  
Questions: 1 2 3 Main
General Comments




The following points were observed as the candidates weaknesses:

  • disregard to instructions e.g. plotting of certain graphs to start from origin (0,0) but were disregarded.
  • inconsistencies in number of d.p. and s.f.
  • inability to make correct deductions from graph e.g. significance of the slope of Q1 in alternative A.
  • poor computational skills.
  • inability to adhere strictly to the rubric
  • inability to record measured data to the required degree of accuracy.
  • poor responses to the questions on the theories of the experiments.
  • Inability to interpret and understand the demands of the questions.


To remedy these weaknesses, it was supported that:

  • schools should endeavour to engage Physics graduates to teach Physics in their schools.
  • teachers should be encouraged to attend workshops and coordination meetings.
  • candidates should engage in a lot of laboratory work before their final examination.
  • practical items should be provided adequately and timely.

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