Tourism Paper 2 May/June 2015

General Weaknesses

 The following weaknesses were exhibited by candidates while attempting this paper:

  1. Short Answers


Some of the candidates gave short and disjointed answers and were unable to convincingly explain their points. This consequently reduced the marks awarded to them. Meanwhile, detailed and comprehensive responses were expected from candidates in the question that requires such, especially the Section B of the Paper.

             (ii)   Poor Expression

Most candidates found it difficult to express their ideas in basic English language. Their responses were characterized by poor tenses and other grammatical blunders which rendered their ideas incomprehensive and irrelevant to the questions. As the examiners could not comprehend the explanations given by the candidates, they were therefore given low marks.

(iii) Irrelevant Answers

Some candidates obviously demonstrated outright ignorance of the ideas demanded by the questions. Their papers were replete with irrelevant answers to the questions. This indicated that they were either not properly taught or lacked relevant study materials. Perhaps, the candidates themselves might not have prepared well for the papers and thus decided to put anything on paper. Provision of irrelevant answers definitely affected the candidates and could not get them good marks.



  1. Candidates should be adequately taught and encouraged to read extensively and supply comprehensive answers to questions that demand such;
  2. since good communication is a requisite to proper expression of ideas, candidates are encouraged to develop their English language skills so as to be able to present their ideas genuinely and comprehensively. This can be achieved with habitual reading and writing;
  3. candidates should be encouraged to prepare well ahead of the examination period so as to be able to have relevant points and ideas discussed during the examination;
  4. qualified teachers should be allowed to teach the Subject in secondary schools.