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Visual Art Paper 1, Nov/Dec. 2009  
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General Comments
Question 1

Explain any five of the following art terms:

  • proportion;
  • scarification;
  • colour intensity;
  • sfumato;
  • optical illusion;
  • stencil;
  • horizon;
  • highlight.



Very few candidates attempted this question. Some of these candidates demonstrated an understanding of the meaning of highlight and stencil, but most candidates could not explain correctly, the meaning of some of the terms like proportion, horizon and colour intensity. The meaning of Balance was given in some cases, for proportion and that of tattoo for scarification. Candidates avoided the term sfumato.

Candidates were expected to explain the terms as follows:

a. Proportion

  • Is the relationship of one part of a composition to the other parts.
  • Also means a search for significant mathematical relationships between parts of human body.

b. Scarification

  • Vertical lines that run from the top to the lower part of the face.
  • It is common with bronze or terracotta heads from Ife.
c. Colour Intensity
  • The degree of purity or brilliance of colour.
  • Also known as chroma or saturation.

d. Sfumato

Is a word used to describe the transition of colour or tone from light to dark in stages that are imperceptibly graded.

e. Optical Illussion

Makes it possible for lines to recede and apparently causes two parallel lines to meet at the artist’s view point.

f. Stencil

A design cut into hard paper, thin metal or plywood. The images cut are then printed by applying colour downward using strokes with a thick round brush or by dabbing with foam.

g. Horizon

An imaginary line in perspective drawing where the earth and the sky appear to meet in the picture plane.

i. Highlight

Is the most brilliant part of a picture.Is the brightest reflection that occurs at the point where light hits an object or figure directly.

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