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Visual Art Paper 1, Nov/Dec. 2009  
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General Comments

Candidates weakness

  • Inadequate preparation for the examination, as noticeable in the candidates’ response to questions.
  • Limited knowledge of West African and Western Art, as candidates’ were confusing some West African Arts traditions for Nigerian arts.
  • Inadequate knowledge of English language, which is an imperative for proper interpretation of questions and articulate presentation of ideas and facts.
  • Inadequate understanding of proper use of answer booklet.

The weaknesses identified above impacted negatively on candidates’ overall performance and overcoming them requires:

  • Adequate preparation for the examination by reading the relevant textbooks extensively.
  • Candidates making efforts to expand the scope of their knowledge to West African and Western arts.
  • Candidates making concerted efforts in acquiring adequate knowledge of English language, which would enable them to interprete questions accurately and also, present their facts and ideas logically and intelligently.

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