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Visual Art Paper 1, Nov/Dec. 2009  
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General Comments
Question 3

State three differences and three similarities of Igbo-Ukwu and Benin arts.



Candidates failed to interprete this question correctly. Rather than comparing, most candidates were discussing each art tradition separately, thereby losing obtainable marks.

Candidates were expected to give some of the following differences:

  • More human figures in Benin art and less in Igbo-Ukwu art
  • Benin art consists of bronze, wood and ivory while Igbo-Ukwu artists used only bronze in their production.
  • Igbo-Ukwu art objects are smaller in size than the Benin art figures.
  • Igbo-Ukwu artworks have more intricate and detailed decoration and design while Benin art has simple decoration.
  • Igbo-Ukwu art is older, dating back to 9th Century while Benin art is dated between 16th and 18th Century.
  • Igbo-Ukwu art is mostly house-hold utility and ritual objects while Benin art is mostly commemorating heads for royal altars.

The similarities that candidates were expected to state include:

  • Both art traditions use Bronze as a medium.
  • Both traditions have artworks that are related to divine kingship.
  • The works of both art traditions have scarifications (facial marks

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