Visual Art Paper 1, Nov/Dec. 2011  
Questions: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Main
General Comments



Some of the following weaknesses were perceptible among the candidates:

  1. Deviation from the requirements of questions
    In obvious manifestation of constricted scope of knowledge and inadequate preparation, candidates deviated from the requirements of the questions. For example, in question 7 (c), candidates wrote on functions of Baule art (though wrongfully) instead of stating the characteristics of the ancestor figures of Baule. In question 3, candidates concentrated on the location of Kissi art instead of identifying two Kissi art forms as required by the question. In the same vein; candidates wrote on the uses of colours instead of simply explaining the reason why a surface will manifest certain colour identity as demanded in question 1(b). 

  2. Improper Utilization of Answer Booklets       
    Improper utilisation of answer booklets has been a recurring weakness of candidates.  Responses to the same question were split on different pages, while some candidates lumped up responses to two or even three different questions together on a single page.

  3. Irrational Presentation of Points
    Points were illogically mixed up without any form of coherence. This is usually occasioned by confusion which normally trail inadequate preparation.


(1)      Candidates should be properly acquainted with the appropriate use of answer booklets in examinations.

(2)      Candidates should make concerted efforts to improve their understanding and use of the English language. This would help them a lot in comprehending the requirements of questions, and in presenting their points logically.

(3)      Art teachers should be motivated to acquire the knowledge of the theoretical (general knowledge in art / art history), as well as the practical aspects of art. This will reduce the harmful concentration on the practical aspects, to the detriment of the equally important theoretical aspects.

(4)      Before sitting for examinations and in addition to teacher’s guidance, candidates should independently make adequate preparation, guiding themselves with the syllabus.

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