Woodwork Paper 3, Nov/Dec. 2010  
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Question 2

  1. (a)       State two safety precautions to be observed when using sharp-edged tools.


Most candidates were able to state:
safety precautions to be observed when using sharp-edge tools;
the cause of a circular saw binding in the kerf of a timber being sawn.
However, they were unable to:
sketch a mortise chisel;
state the function of the given machine accessories.
The expected response to question 1 is as given below:
Question 1
  (a) safety precautions to be taken when using sharp-edged tools:
Ensure that all parts of the body are behind the cutting edge when
Always chisel away from you.
Never test cutting edges by drawing your finger across them.
Never carry sharp-edge tools in the pockets of your overall or apron.
Hold close to the cutting-edge of the tool when giving it to someone.
Do not use any sharp edged cutting tool with mushroomed ferrules or
Use sharp edged tools with well fitted handles.
Do not use dull sharp edged tools.

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