Yoruba Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2010  
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General Comments

Candidates' weakness/REMEDIES

The candidates' weaknesses include:
            (1)Inability to write extensively on the chosen essay titles. They wrote far
below the required 300 words;
             (2)Lack of in-depth/adequate knowledge of phonological aspect of the
language, particularly the description of consonant sounds;
            (3)Inadequate preparation for the examination by the candidates;
            (4)Lack of in-depth knowledge of the recommended textbooks;
            (5)Inability to write good Yoruba with correct spellings

(6)Illegible handwriting;
           (7)Carelessness as regards the use of Modern Yoruba Orthography;
           (8)Inability to use tone-marks correctly;
           (9)Lack of knowledge of proper use of punctuation marks.
           (1)Parents and students should be encouraged to buy recommended
textbooks and the need to read the set texts thoroughly should be
           (2)Candidates should prepare and equip themselves well with the knowledge
and usage of punctuation marks;
           (3)Candidates should identify and attend good coaching classes;
           (4)Parents should encourage and motivate their children towards the study

(5)Candidates should be serious with their studies and show self-
determination in the quest to acquire knowledge, in order to avert failure in

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