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Agricultural Science Paper 2, Nov/Dec 2008  
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General Comments

Candidates Weakness

Most of the candidates were unable to:

  1. discuss the importance of agriculture under the following headings:

   Rural development and market;

  1. explain maximum tillage and zero tillage as used in soil management;
  2. define hygroscopic water, capillary water and gravitational water;
  3. give reasons for transplanting seedlings late in the afternoon;
  4. explain crop improvement terms such as: mass  selection, in- breeding,

   Back crossing and hybridization;

  1. describe the life cycle of cassava mealy bug with the aid of a diagram;
  2. discuss cowpea beetle under the following headings: mode of feeding

   and nature of damage done;

  1. state measures that a farmer can take to control insect-pests of stored grains;      
  2. name other storage insect-pests of  stored grains;
  3. explain the term "dry cow" as used in animal production;
  4. describe the life cycle of roundworm (Ascaris lumbricoides)
  5. estimate weight gain, feed intake and percentage of the animal's

   body weight per day from the data on formulated diets;

  1. explain the term commodity board;
  2. state the functions of a commodity board;
  3. List activities involved in the distribution of agricultural produce.

In view of the weaknesses noted above, the chief examiners advised that

    • the teaching and learning of agriculture should be made more practical oriented with adequate exposure of the candidates to modern ways of farming;
    • excursion and field trips to agricultural institutions and commercial farms should form part of the course requirements for agricultural science in schools;
    • Agricultural science graduates should be made to teach the subject for an in-depth teaching and learning.
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