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Agricultural Science Paper 2, May/June 2009  
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General Comments

Question 10

(a)   (i)   Explain the term marketing channel.                                               [2 marks]
        (ii)    Outline the marketing channels for cocoa.                                      [4 marks]
(b)    State three characteristics of land.                                                        [3 marks]
(c)    List three agricultural extension programmes in West Africa.            [3 marks]    
(d)    State four advantages of using demonstration as an extension.           [4 marks]




This question was well attempted by the candidates.  In questions 10(a)(i and ii), majority of the candidates could explain the term marketing channel and outline the marketing channels for cocoa.  Also in questions10(b and c), most of the candidates were able to state characteristics of land and list agricultural extension programmes in West Africa.   However, in question 10(d), many candidates could not state advantages of using demonstration as an extension teaching method.

The expected answers include:

Advantages of using demonstration as an extension teaching method
      -        It enables participants to debate issues and make sound judgments about lessons
                being taught
      -        It appeals to logic and reasoning
      -        It provides a problem-solving practical experience
      -        It allows the teaching of a larger number of farmers at the same time
      -        Helps to move farmers from the awareness and interest stages of learning to
                those of trial and adoption
     -         It is more economical in terms of time, energy and other resources compared to
               other methods
     -        Communication is made much easier for the extension officer/agent.                

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