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Agricultural Science Paper 2, May/June 2009  
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General Comments

Question 7

(a)    (i)   Define the term brooder as used in poultry production.     [2 marks]
         (ii)  List four characteristics of a good layer.                            [4 marks]
(b)  State four reasons for providing suitable housing for livestock    [4 marks]
(c)  Give the scientific names of three fish species commonly stocked in a pond.   [3 marks]
(d)       State three qualities of a good pasture plant.                                 [3 marks]


Very few candidates attempted this question.  In questions 7(a)(i and ii), majority of the candidates wee unable to define the term brooder as used in poultry production and list characteristics of a good layer.  However, in question 7(b), many candidates could state reasons for providing suitable housing for livestock.  In question 7(c), majority of the candidates could not give the scientific name for fish species commonly stocked in a pond.  However, in question 7(d), most of the candidates were able to state qualities of a good pasture plant.    
The expected answers include:                     

Definition of the term brooder
A brooder is a device in which newly hatched chicks are tended by the provision of heat until they develop enough feathers.

Characteristics of a good layer
-           Large well developed combs and wattles
-           Bright red and smooth comb and wattles
-           Bright eyes
-           Moist, wide vent
-           Thin and pliable pubic bones
-           Absence of broodiness
-           Soft loose skin
-           Must have short clutch
-           Bleached beak
-           Short beak
-           Broad and square head
-           Soft loose skin.
Scientific names of fish species commonly stocked in a pond
-           Clarias spp
-           Chrysichtys  nigrodigitatus
-           Lates nilotica
-           Gyprinus carpio
-           Heterotis niloticus
-           Labeo spp.
-           Heterobranchues spp.  
-           Hypothmichitys spp.

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