Building Construction Paper 1, May/June. 2012  
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General Comments
Question 2

  1. State four functions of an external wall.
  2. Sketch a section through a timber flat roof with a parapet wall and label the following features:


damp proof course;




felt roof;


eaves gutter;




concrete coping;


parapet wall;






Most candidates who attempted this question were able to:
state the functions of an external wall;
sketch the section through a timber flat roof with parapet wall.
However, they were unable to label the timber flat roof with parapet wall correctly.
The expected response to question 2 is as given below:

  1. Functions of an external wall:
  2. Supports dead and imposed loads.
  3. Resists damp penetration.
  4. Provides adequate thermal insulation.
  5. Provides sufficient sound insulation.
  6. Offers adequate resistance to fire.
  7. Accommodates windows and doors.
  8. Provides privacy.
  9. Prevents an unwanted guest.
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