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Christian Religious Knowledge Paper 2, Nov/Dec 2008  
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General Comments

Question 1

Joshua 24:1 – 2
(a) Give an account of Joshua’s last message to Israel.

(b) Indicate two leadership qualities he manifested during this occasion.


A negligible number of candidates attempted this question. 
Those candidates who attempted it did not perform well. 
This question requires a summary of Joshua’s last message to Israel.  It requires their showing gratitude to God for what he had done for them.   They wasted so much time on
unnecessary preamble to the story.  They failed to mention points like:

(I) Joshua gathered them at Shechem and went through Israel’s history from Abram to Moses.
(II) They were to put away all the gods of the past.
(III) If they decided to serve God, they must put away all false gods and serve God sincerely.

The (b) part of the question demanded the leadership qualities manifested by Joshua and the candidates wrote the required


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