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Christian Religious Knowledge Paper 2, Nov/Dec 2008  
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General Comments

Question 7


Matthew 8:18 – 22, Lk. 9:57 – 62

(a)      Narrate the demands Jesus made of a prospective disciple
(b)      Mention two things today that is preventing Christians from being disciples.



A sizeable number of the candidates attempted this question.  They approached it disjointedly, that is, their points were not sequential and this led to loss of marks.  Many wrote out of point, and some wrote on the call of the disciples.  Some vital points as stated below were omitted:

(I) Jesus said any one who wished to become his disciple must leave his family and everything and follow him.
(II) To be a full time disciple, one must first count the everlasting benefit to be derived.
(III) Jesus compared discipleship with someone who wished to build a house.

Notwithstanding, the part (b) of the question was well attempted as they were able to mention points as falsehood, perverse doctrine, poverty, disobedience.

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