Clothing and Textiles Paper 2, Nov/Dec.2010  
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Question 3

(a)Define the term Clothing
(b)Explain three factors that affect the amount of fabric required for a garment.
(c)Explain how the following factors affect wardrobe planning;
(i) leisure
(ii) body type
(iii) occupation
(iv) age.



All the candidates that attempted question 3 performed very well.
The required answers to the questions are as follows:
3.(a) Definition of the term clothing
Clothing is any article we place on the body in order to protect, beautify or adorn it and prevent infection.
(b) Factors that affect the amount of fabric required for a garment
The style of garment
The size of wearer
The width of the fabric.
Whether fabric is one way design.
Whether stripes or checks have to be matched.
Whether the design has large motifs that need to be upright.
The height of wearer.
(c) Factors affecting wardrobe planning
(1) Leisure -Leisure time depends on individuals If the person does not have leisure time no extra clothes are required.
(ii)Body type: The body type determines what to wear and include in the wardrobe. This includes figure faults indicating areas of the body to cover or expose. It also determines styles to buy and designs of the fabric.
(iii)Occupation: -     This determines the type of clothes to include in wardrobe planning. Uniform jobs require more of the uniforms than those whose jobs do not require uniforms, e.g. nurses, bankers etc.
(iv)Age:An older person will look out of place dressed in a style that is in vogue for younger persons. Age also determines choice of fabric, colour of fabric, style of fabric, activities.

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