Clothing and Textiles Paper 2, Nov/Dec.2010  
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Question 5

(a) List four drafting tools.
(b)State one use of each of the following sewing tools:
(i) tracing wheel:
(ii) tweezers;
(iv) pinking shears;
(v) hem marker;
(vi) pin cushion.
(c) State one disadvantage of press studs.
(d) With the aid of three diagrams, explain how to fix a press stud.




Majority of the candidates that attempted this question performed very well.
The required answers to the questions are :
5(a)Drafting tools
Tracing wheel
Tracing paper
Tailor's chalk
Brown paper
Meter rule
French curve, hip guide
Paper-cutting scissors
Tape measure
(b) Uses of the following sewing tools
(i) Tracing wheel - It is used to transfer pattern markings from paper pattern unto fabric. It can be used with dressmaker's carbon or tracing paper.
(ii)Tweezers- It is used to remove threads from ripped seams and tailor's tacking. Also used in threading an over-locking machine.
(iii)Stiletto- For punching holes for eyelets.
(iv) Pinking shears - For neatening the raw edges of fabrics which do not fray.
(v) Hem marker - F or marking hemlines of garments.
(vi) Pin-cushion -It is used to hold or keep pins and needles during sewing.
(c) Disadvantages of press studs
(i)They are not suitable for closely-fitting garments as the strain often causes the press studs to unfasten.
(ii) They can rust and as a result reduce the life span of the article.
(d)How to fix press studs
Using pins, mark position of the press studs, spacing them equally.
Place the knot 0.5 em away from the edge of the overlap using 4-5 buttonhole stitches for each hole, attach the knob section to the fabric.
The stitches should not show on the right side.
Press each knob section onto the overlap, mark with a pin and place the flat base and sew with buttonhole stitches.

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