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Question 6

Question not avaliable.



None of the candidates that attempted this question was able to illustrate how to increase the width of a bodice. They could not differentiate between seams and seam allowance.

The required answers to the question are as follows:

(a) Pattern alteration:

This is making changes or adjustment on pattern pieces. Pattern alteration could also mean to change the style or to amend for size reduction or enlargement.

(b) How to increase width of Bodice by 8cm

Diagram showing increase in width of Bodice


Mark the position on the bodice and cut through.

Place a strip of paper behind the cut edge. Measure 2 cm. widths and match the two sides.

(i) Seams: These are used for fastening or joining together of two or
more layers of fabric neatly and securely.

(ii) Overlaid/lapped seams, machine-felled seams, French seam, tucked,
Canal, run and fell seam, open/plain seam, welt, mantua, slot.

Points to consider when choosing seams:

The type of garment to be made.
The position of the seam.
The shape of the seam.
The texture of the fabric
The age of the wearer.

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