Islamic Studies Paper 2, May/June 2010  
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General Comments

Question 8
Write notes on the folJowing terms:
(a) Qad~' (b) Fidysh; (c) ksttiirsh (d) suhtir (e) Iftar

This question was adjudged by Chief Examiners as the least attempted. Two factors were attributed to this, the first being the simpler nature of question 7 compared to eight. The second factor which also stemmed out of the first was non-frequency and unpopularity of the question over the years. Just a few candidates who answered the question could not adequately distinguish among these Ramadan/fasting related terms. Summarily, while Qadameans paying back of missed Ramadan fasts, Fidysh Signifies substitution of Ramadan fast with feeding of a needy or poor person for every missed day. As for kaffarah, it simply stands for atonement or expiation for intentionally breaking a day fast during Ramadan For suluirexv: Iftar, they connote the pre-dawn meal taken by fasting Muslims and the meal for breaking the fast respectively. As the candidates could not satisfactorily answer the question, their performance was only fair.


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