Visual Art Paper 1, Nov/Dec. 2012  
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General Comments
Question 6

 (a)       Write notes on contemporary West African art.
(b)        Highlight the factors responsible for the development of contemporary West African art.
(c)        Explain with examples, two modes of training in contemporary West African art



This question attracted only a few candidates and their performance was impressive. However, some were unable to highlight the factors responsible for the development of contemporary art in West Africa thereby failing to earn the obtainable marks. Candidates were expected to highlight some of the following:

(a)                    -           art works produced by West Africans in the present time.
-           an expression commonly used to define the sum of art productions of the African Continent from 1960 to date.
-           the art that is rooted in the contact between Europeans and Africans.
                                    -           it involves the use of old and new media and methods.
                                    -           artists draw inspirations from traditional and modern sources,
e.g. the adaptation of traditional symbols and motifs by modern artist.


(b)                   -           contact with Europeans through trade and colonization.
-           training of African in foreign and local art institutions, e.g. Ben Enwonwu, Aina Onabolu etc.
-           these Africans came back to propagate art in various countries in Africa, especially through teaching.
-           establishment of art schools in various parts of West Africa by Europeans.
-           patronage by Europeans, tourists, governments, corporate / multinational organizations and wealthy Africans.
-           support by Western Cultural Institutions like, the British Council, Alliance Française and Goethe institute.
                                    -           experimentations by African artists.
-           developments in technology, as artist now adopt new media, including motion pictures, installation, performance, etc.

            (c)                    (i)         Academic (formal) art training in art schools e.g. Universities,
                        Polytechnics, Colleges of Education.

(ii)        Experimental (informal) workshop training.
                                    (iii)       Apprenticeship (informal).


                                    The institutions for Academic art training include:

                                    -           Achimota College, Ghana.
                                    -           Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.
                                    -           Yaba College of Technology, Lagos.
                                    -           Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.
                                    -           University of Benin, Benin.
                                    -           University of Nigeria, Nsukka.
                                    -           Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu, etc.

                                    The experimental workshop include:

                                    -           Rev. Father Kevin Carroll Workshop, Oye Ekiti.
                                    -           Abayomi Barber Studio, University of Lagos
                                    -           Osogbo Art School, Osogbo. (Ulli and Georgina Beier)
                                    Apprenticeship – Guild etc.

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